How much does it cost to list on Web-DB?

Web-DB is free to join. Thereafter it costs 10 Credits (R1) per website referral. All new registrations receive 1000 free credits (100 website views) to test our system.

How do I add credits to my account?

Once logged in at our Partner Login. You can select the Purchase Credits link.

How are accounts charged?

Only website service providers with credits on their account will be shown on our system. Once a user clicks on the open website link on a website service provider profile, their account will get charged.

What happens if the same user opens my website multiple times.

We only charge the same IP viewing your website once over a period of 24 hours. Multiple website views over this period are not charged for. We are constantly working on improving the overall quality of all traffic we send to website service providers listed on Web-DB.